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Air Legend 2020 cancelled

Date: Saturday, 12 September 2020 - Sunday, 13 September 2020

We are sorry to say that he Covid-19 has won the battle we fought against him : Paris-Villaroche Air Legend 2020 airshow is canceled.

2020 tickets already purchased are therefore valid for the 2021 edition. The people who request it may be reimbursed.

After a long deal with the local French authorities and the many solutions we have proposed to avoid the risk of contamination, the decision of the health authorities fell the 11th August :  no gathering of more than 5 000 is allowed till the 30th October 2020.
The risk is such an event involves a gathering of visitors from many different places that may promote the spread of the virus.
The public zone of Paris-Villaroche Air Legend is about 256 205 square yards. As we attend about 15 000 people a day that means we offer 150 square feet for each of them. However it’s impossible to avoid close contacts as we have been told.

Paris-Villaroche Air Legend staff tried hard to get a waiver to that decision and proposed additional solutions. In vain !

2021 Paris-Villaroche Air Legend is already launched with lot of great surprises.



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