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"Princesse des Etoiles" is back in the skies

Archive 2015
Date: Tuesday, 04 August 2015

After 9 months of painstaking work N6797 is back in the air. Peter Houghton (an FAA qualified inspector for the PBY type), George, Vincent, Martial and others did an engine change, a complete repair and tightness of her wing tanks. This long and difficult job asked for a de-riveting of the top wing panels then to enter inside each tank to remove the coating, clean the whole tank box and apply a new coating. When this was over, new rivets and bolts were used to close the wing panels.
Doing this job meant numerous climbs to the top of the wing, five meters high over the ground and the working in the cold of the winter as in the heat wave of this early summer.
The first flight testing were satisfying and after everything was OK, the pilots have to renew their qualifications under Fred Owen’s supervision. Fred is an FFA instructor with many thousand flight hours on PBY. 
Here you find some pictures of the repairs and the qualification flights.
  Demontage du Pratt 05 c9441 Demontage du Pratt 01 67a28
Jacques George et Peter sur laile du Caralina 01 d14c0 5ae38  

  hangar 06dbe  Signatures dans reservoir du Catalina 01 2568b af685
Welcome home 01 1136a  Captain George en place gauche 03 62e24
  Le chef instructeur tire la chevillette 01 8f46f Bob cause dans le poste fc159
Putain les lunettes 01 4eb73  Bernard surveille tout b927e

  George and Peter 1 433c4  La fine équipe d01c1
Catalina FFW 04 75269 


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