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Archive 2014

Archive 2014
Date: Wednesday, 31 December 2014

2014 december 24th
Catalina avec les tentes 01 f3514
Catalina avec les tentes 03 415aa
P 40 tete de mort 03 ea0a4
P 40 pour le site 20141206 003 7abdf
2014 december 2nd

Its time for winter servicing of some of our airplanes.

foto reports of Harald Ludwig & Roland Diemer
Catalina en maintenance 04 a690b
Catalina en maintenance 06 f9daf
Captains GeorgeDjack sur laile du Catalina 02 f1fce

Opening of the main wing-tanks for inspection and control of tightness. You sure are ached all over after a hard days work inside…

Jacques George et Peter sur laile du Caralina 01 d14c0
Signatures dans reservoir du Catalina 01 2568b

Inside the wing-tanks, we found signatures and messages left by mechanics during inspections all the life long of the amphibian.

Skyraider en maintenance 01 cee10
Skyraider en maintenance 03 bf60f
FFW . Melun Nov. 2014DSCF1640 15666

Inspecting the big Wright R-3350

3/ NA68

FFW . Melun Nov. 2014DSCF1618 715fa

It's a rather simple aircraft… with lot of tubing.

NA 68 en maintenance 05 d36a2
September 23th, 2014
PBY Catalina at AIR14 Payerne airshow .
June 19th, 2014
P51 showing Gijon airshow ....
affiche meeting 12834
June 18th, 2014
Little concern for the left engine Catalina, the compressor released, with a consequent removal of the engine to return for repair in the United States.
If this failure deprived the audience of the meeting of the Ferté Alais, rapid response, lets hope he can be back up and running quickly, especially for the centennial meeting Bourget on July 13 .... Fingers crossed !!
Demontage du Pratt 01 a1cde
Demontage du Pratt 03 df902
Demontage du Pratt 04 53738
June 12, 2014
Last online photo report of the meeting of La Ferte Alais.
Note that the hail storm that raged in the night of June 10 to 11 damaged the Skyraider which could not be reduced to time Melun.
Degats sur le Sky 03 4363a
mai 2014, 31th
Training flights before the first meeting of the season in La Ferte Alais .
Friday , flew the Skyraider with its new decor , the P40 , the catalina, and NA 68.
Some images captured on the spot in Melun
Bastet 06 c2438
NA 68 taxiing to La Ferte
P-40N vol Bob 15 40898
Bob taxying for RW01
P-40N vol Bob 01 1ab07
Take-off for a session of aerobatics ................
Vol Catalina 22 a395e
Allowed to heat the Pratt & Withney R1830-92S ! !
Vol Catalina 09 e7a2a
Off for a few laps
Skyraider demarrage Jacques 02 f1e34
Starting the Sky ........
Skyraider vol Jacques 07 78e0e
Flying for pleasure photographer .....
 Small note about the Skyraider :
Initially hired by the Amicale Jean -Baptiste Salis he was to attend the meeting in La Ferte Alais in the table
"Vietnam" alongside other French Skyraider and T28 Jojo Kern .
Ors a dictate of " le Seigneur de Cerny " refusing the driver selected by the owner drove it , not the
fly to expose to its hangar.
2014, mai 19th
Maintenance and training flights
Tests retraction train for Skyraider
photo 1 7563b
Training flights for Catalina
2014 march 29th
Flight training for the Catalina this afternoon ....
Catalina FFW 04 75269
2014 march 24th
Site translation in German during
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