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France’s Flying Warbirds assisted the International Paris Air show of Le Bourget

Archive 2015
Date: Friday, 19 June 2015 - Sunday, 21 June 2015

To commemorate the end of WW two, FFW’s  P-40N  Warhawk , P-51D Mustang AD-4N Skyraider were demonstrated in flight at the 51st edition of the International Paris Air Show. 

George Perez, Marc Mathis and Bernard Vurpillot (assisted by Noël and Vincent) had the opportunity, each one, of a few minutes flight in the small and complicated space devoted to the flying displays.

The organiser’s efficiency and their friendly welcome did a good job to help our team. In particular for the ground operations that are not easy with this kind of ancient airplanes and being respectful for security rules.

Vincent seized the occasion to take of some unusual pictures of our airplanes beside their successors.

  george et p51 tous les avions
mustang  mustang2

  sky  mustang3
sky et A380  sky et A400M


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